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Sessions - ESO Summer School 2010

Warsaw, Poland, 26-06-10

Stroke epidemiology, risk factors and genetics (Warsaw, Poland, 27-06-10)

Niewada, M. (PL)

Glodal burden of stroke, Stroke epidemiology

Grabowski, M. (PL)

Lipids and stroke

Słowik, A. (PL)

Genetics of stroke

Demarin, Vida (HR)

Migraine and stroke

Demarin, Vida (HR)

Neurosonology in the prevention of stroke

Stroke mechanisms and symptoms (Warsaw, Poland, 28-06-10)

Brainin, M. (AT)

Cerebral haemorrhages

Ferro, J.M. (PT)

Cardioembolic stroke

Norrving, Bo (S)

Silent brain infarcts

Ferro, J.M. (PT)

Cerebral venous thrombosis

Caso, V. (IT)

Artery dissection and stroke

Neuroimaging and ultrasounds (Warsaw, Poland, 29-06-10)

Demarin, Vida (HR)

Neurosonology in the prevention of stroke

Engelhorn, T. (GER)

MRI in stroke diagnosis

Engelhorn, T. (GER)

Angiography in stroke diagnosis

Michel, P. (CH)

Early stroke signs in CT

Michel, P. (CH)

Perfusion CT and CT angiography in AIS

Thrombolysis and acute stroke treatment (Warsaw, Poland, 29-06-10)

Leys, D. (FR)

Thrombolysis in acute stroke

Leys, D. (FR)

Acute stroke complications

Hacke, Werner (D)

Acute management beyond thrombolysis

Czlonkowska, Anna (PL)

Thrombolysis in stroke – practice of medical decision making

Kobayashi, A. (PL)

Mechanisal revascularisation procedures

Treatment concepts, organization of care (Warsaw, Poland, 30-06-10)

Kaste, Markku (FIN)

How to organize an acute stroke service?

Muresanu, Dafin (RO)

Neuroprotection and neuroplasticity in stroke recovery

Post-stroke sequelae (Warsaw, Poland, 30-06-10)

Brainin, M. (AT)

Dysphagia and stroke

Csiba, László (HUN)

Bedside differential diagnosis of disturbances of consciousness: focus on stroke patient (interactive lecture with video presentations)

Korczyn, A. (IL)

Is vascular cognitive impairment a useful concept?

Kozubski, W. (PL)

Post-stroke depression

Opala, G. (PL)

Post-stroke movement syndromes

Stroke study methodology (Warsaw, Poland, 30-06-10)

Sandercock, P. (UK)

What can research in animals tell us about how to treat patients?

Sandercock, P. (UK)

Evidence Based Stroke Medicine: the good, the bad and the ugly – how to assess evidence

A multidisciplinary approach to stroke prevention (Warsaw, Poland, 01-07-10)

Bornstein, N.M. (IL)

Secondary stroke prevention - antiplatelet update

Boysen, Gudrun (DK)

Antithrombotic therapy in atrial fibrillation

Boysen, Gudrun (DK)

How well are we handling stroke prevention?