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Sessions - Education Symposia from the 19th European Stroke Conference

Barcelona, Spain, 24-05-10

Teaching Course 1

Difficult decision making revisited (Barcelona, Spain, 24-05-10)

De Keyser, Jaques (B)

Thrombolysis decisions in particular clinical situations

Jüttler, E. (GER)

Individual decision making in malignant MCA infarction and hemicraniectomy

Steiner, Thorsten (D)

When to restart anticoagulant therapy after warfarin-related intracerebral hemorrhage in patients

Csiba, László (HUN)

Antithrombotic therapy decision making in patients with recent cerebral ischemia and a history of intracerebral hemorrhage (or the reverse)

Teaching Course 3

Current stroke prevention strategies (Barcelona, Spain, 24-05-10)

Carlberg, B.

BP lowering after stroke: when to start, what to start, how much?

Teaching Course 5

Stroke and vision (Barcelona, Spain, 24-05-10)

Bornstein, N.M. (IL)

Acute transient loss of vision

Kesler, A.

Acute persistent loss of vision

Teaching Course 8

What causes lacunar strokes? (Barcelona, Spain, 24-05-10)

Sudlow, Cathie (UK)

Lacunar stroke causes

Lindley, R (AUS)

Cerebral small vessel: insights from the retina

Smith, C. (UK)

Cerebral small vessels. Insights from neuropathology

Wardlaw, Joanna M. (UK)

If not ischemic, then what? Insights from neuroimaging

Teaching Course 9

Stroke and headache (Barcelona, Spain, 24-05-10)

Verdelho, Ana (P)

Headache in stroke

Diener, Hans-Christoph (D)

Migraine and stroke

Zuber, M.

Thunderclap headache – spectrum of causes and practical management

Teaching Course 10

Hemorrhagic strokes (Barcelona, Spain, 24-05-10)

Caso, V. (IT)

Is it a primary hemorrhage or secondary hemorrhagic transformation?

Cordonnier, C. (FR)

Cerebral amyloid angiopathy and intracerebral hemorrhage

Werring, D.

Microbleeds – current concepts

Hanley, Daniel F. (US)

Management of hemorrhagic stroke