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Sessions - 15th ESO Summer School 2011

Heidelberg-Mannheim, Germany, 23-07-11

Acute Ischemic Stroke (Heidelberg, 24-07-11)

Ringleb, P. (D)

Emergency assessment of acute stroke

Schellinger, P. (GER)

Ongoing trials in acute ischemic stroke

Interventional Neuroradiology (Heidelberg, 24-07-11)

Hartmann, M. (D)

Interventional recanalization in acute ischemic stroke

Stroke syndromes and classification I (Mannheim, 25-07-11)

Szabo, Kristina (D)

Same, same, but different - stroke in the posterior circulation

Kern, R. (D)

Stroke in carotid artery disease – haemodynamic, embolic or both?

Thömke, F. (D)

Do the classical brainstem eponyms apply to current clinical practice?

Stroke syndromes and classification II (Mannheim, 25-07-11)

Wolf, M. (D)

New approach to stroke subtyping: the A-S-C-O (phenotypic) classification

Pantoni, L. (IT)

What do we learn from the LADIS study?

Workshop: Translational Stroke Research (Heidelberg, 26-07-11)

Liesz, A. (D)

Experimental models of cerebral ischemia

Alonso, A (D)

The role of the blood-brain barrier in stroke research

Critical Care of Stroke (Heidelberg, 26-07-11)

Jüttler, E. (GER)

Malignant middle cerebral artery infarction

Michel, P. (CH)

Basilar artery occlusion: BASICS and beyond

Kollmar, R. (D)

Perspectives for hypothermia

Diedler, J. (D)

Invasive and noninvasive neuromonitoring

Symptomatic Carotid Artery Disease (Heidelberg, 26-07-11)

Böckler, D. (D)

Carotid endarterectomy

ESO Special Symposium (Heidelberg, 26-07-11)

Leys, D. (FR)

Stroke and dementia

Management of Acute Stroke (Heidelberg, 27-07-11)

Kaste, Markku (FIN)

The intersection of prehospital and inhospital care of stroke:

Helsinki experience and beyond


Chamorro, Angel (E)

Infection and immunodepression after stroke

Mattle, H. (CH)

Natural history and treatment of dissection

Lichy, C. (D)

Genetic and haematological causes of stroke


Developing an academic career in stroke (Heidelberg, 27-07-11)

Brainin, M. (AT)

Opportunities for continued education in stroke

Stroke and associated conditions (Mannheim, 27-07-11)

Chatzikonstantinou, A. (D)

Stroke and epilepsy

Heart and brain (Mannheim, 27-07-11)

Borggrefe, Martin (D)

Detection and treatment of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation

Caso, V. (IT)

When to start anticoagulation after stroke?


Controversies in Stroke (Mannheim, 28-07-11)

Gass, A. (D)

Management of the acute TIA patient – imaging and therapy

Ringleb, P. (D)

Asymptomatic carotid disease: operation, stenting, or conservative therapy?

Kreisel, S. (D)

Management of hyperglycaemia in stroke – to treat or not to treat?