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Sessions - 17th ESO Summer School 2013

Perugia, Italy, 07-09-13

Monday, 9th September 2013 (Perugia, Italy, 08-09-13)

Weimar, C. (GER)

TIA: New definitions and treatment options

Becattini, C. (IT)

Cardioembolic stroke: not only secondary to atrial fibrillation

Pantoni, L. (IT)

Small vessel disease: a benign etiology?

Kappelle, L.J. (NL)

Large artery stroke: the open questions

Carolei, A. (IT)

Anatomy and clinical features of anterior circulation strokes

Di Piero, V. (IT)

Rare cause of stroke: focus on migraine and reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome

Pezzini, A. (IT)

Cryptogenetic stroke: more frequent in young adults?

Moulin, T. (FR)

Posterior circulation Strokes: Clinico-anatomical patterns


Paciaroni, M. (IT)

How to recognise stroke mimics and stroke chamaleons?

Cordonnier, C. (FR)

Causes and pathophysiology of haemorrhagic stroke

Tuesday, 10th September 2013 (Perugia, Italy, 09-09-13)

Venti, M. (IT)

Diagnosis and treatment of subarachnoid haemorrhage

Baumgartner, R.W. (CH)

Ultrasound in acute ischemic stroke and long-term follow-up

Rinkel, G. (NL)

Neuroradiological interventional therapy for intracranial aneurysms: Insight into the European guidelines

Toni, D. (IT)

Intravenous thrombolysis: state of the art

Agnelli, G. (IT)

KEY LECTURE: New oral anticoagulants in stroke prevention

Heiss, W.D. (GER)

KEY LECTURE: PET imaging in aphasia

Tatlisumak, T. (FI)

Emergency assessment of ischemic stroke patients

Schellinger, P. (GER)

Critical appraisal of interventional therapy for acute stroke

Wednesday, 11th September 2013 (Perugia, Italy, 10-09-13)

Caso, V. (IT)

Haemorrhagic transformation in acute ischemic stroke

Michel, P. (CH)

The role of imaging in patient selection

Alberti, A. (IT)

Stroke and seizures

Brainin, M. (AT)

Perspectives in stroke care: unused windows, unmet needs

Mattle, H. (CH)

Basilar artery occlusion

Jüttler, E. (GER)

Malignant MCA infarction: medical therapy or hemicraniectomy for all patients?

Thursday, 12th September 2013 (Perugia, Italy, 11-09-13)

Mas, J.-L. (FR)

Other stroke etiologies: is PFO part of stroke prevention?

Leys, D. (FR)

New insights into cervical artery dissection

Bornstein, N.M. (IL)

Are ACAS and ACST still valid?

Brown, M. (UK)

Symptomatic carotid stenosis: State of the art

Ferro, J.M. (PT)

Acute and long-term prevention of cardioembolic stroke

Friday, 13th September 2013 (Perugia, Italy, 12-09-13)

Brandt, T. (GER)

Neglect after stroke: new therapeutic approaches in neurorehabilitation

Kömpf, D. (GER)

Oculomotor Disturbances in Stroke

Sunnerhagen, K. (SW)

Motor rehabilitation after acute stroke: Advantages and disadvantages of rehabilitation techniques

Pezzella, F.R. (IT)

Post-stroke neuropsychiatric disorders

Caso, V. (IT)

Stroke in Women


Saturday, 14th September 2013 (Perugia, Italy, 13-09-13)

Calabresi, P. (IT)

KEY LECTURE: How to design a correct animal model

Sandercock, P. (UK)

Optimal design for systematic reviews and randomised trials to answer your clinical question

Muir, K. (UK)

Stem Cells in Stroke Treatment: the Promise and the Challenges

Reboldi, P. (IT)

Proper Application of univariate and multivariate models - Practical & Non-Mathematical Notes for the Clinician