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Sessions - ESO Summer School 2014

Glasgow/UK, 25-08-14

Monday, 25th August (Glasgow/UK, 25-08-14)

Brady, A. (UK)

How to Use Cardiac Investigation to Stratify Stroke Risk

O'Donnell, M. (IE)

Embolic Stroke of Undetermined Origin - Risk Factors, Nechanisms, When to Investigate & How to Stop

Ostergaard, L. (DK)

Perfusion Imaging - What it Means and When to Use it

Sandercock, P. (UK)

IST 3: How Does it Change Management?

Algra, Ale (NL)

Anti-Platelets for Secondary prevention if Ischemic Stroke

Tait, C. (UK)

Novel Anticoagulants - View from a Haematologist

Kunz, A. (DE)

How to Scan in a Van

Quinn, T. (UK)

How & Why to Assess Cognitive After Stroke - A Practical Guide

Tuesday, 26th August (Glasgow/UK, 26-08-14)

Thijs, V. (BE)

Syndroms & Treatment of BAO

Muir, K. (UK)

When & How to Investigate for Rare Causes of Stroke

Schellinger, P. (GER)

Intra-Arterial Treatments - Against

White, P. (UK)

Intra-Arterial Treatments - For

Schellinger, P. (GER), White, P. (UK)

Debate: Intra-Arterial Treatments

Veltkamp, R. (D)

Novel Anticoagulants - View from a Neurologist

Schellinger, P. (GER)

Why Things Go Wrong in Trials

Coutinho, J. (NL)

How to Recognise & Treat CVST

Wednesday, 27th August (Glasgow/UK, 27-08-14)

Baird, T. (UK)

Tips & Tricks in the Diagnosis of TIA

Schulz, U. (UK)

Imaging TIA

Tatlisumak, T. (FI)

Speeding up Door to Needle Time

Leys, D. (FR)

ABCD² & Other Scales - Good or Bad?

Michel, P. (CH)

Advanced Imaging - what to Use & When to Use it

Ringleb, P. (D)

CEA versus Stenting

Thursday, 28th August (Glasgow/UK, 28-08-14)

O'Kane, R. (UK)

Surgical Management if ICH

Cordonnier, C. (FR)

Management of Intracerebral Haemorrhage

Robinson, T. (UK)

Blood Pressure in ICH

Werring, D.

New Insights in Neuroimaging of Cerebral Haemorrhage

Stapf, C. (F)

Understanding & Recognising AVMs

Caso, V. (IT)

Arterial Dissection

Düring, M. (DE)

Small Vessel Disease

Dawson J. (UK)

The Modified Rankin Scale

Friday, 29th August (Glasgow/UK, 29-08-14)

Langhorne, Peter (UK)

The Stroke Unit

Macleod, M. (UK)


van der Worp, B.

Hemicraniectomy - For Whom

Ford, G. (UK)

Intravenous Thrombolysis - What to Do when it All Goes Wrong

Herzig, R. (CZ)

AI Stroke Due to the Acute Internal Carotid Artery Occlusion: Safety & Efficacy of Recanalization Methods