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Toni, D. (IT), MD

Department of Neurological Sciences, University ‘La Sapienza’, Rome, Italy


Danilo Toni is Professor at the Emergency Department Stroke Unit of the Department of Neurological Sciences at the University "La Sapienza" in Rome, Italy.

Main research interests for Dr Toni are acute stroke treatment, the relationship between vascular enhancement, cerebral haemodynamics and MR-angiography in acute stroke, thrombolytic therapy for acute ischaemic stroke, thrombolysis after stroke, haemorrhagic transformation of brain infarct, influence of hyperglycaemia on infarct size and clinical outcome of acute ischaemic stroke patients with intracranial arterial occlusion.

Dr Toni has extensive experience in therapeutic trials. Since 1985 he has been involved in study design, quality control, data analysis and national coordination of many therapeutic trials: Italian acute stroke study Haemodilution + Drug (IASSH + D), Early Stroke Trial (EST) on the efficacy of GM1 in acute ischaemic stroke, Asclepios Study–Isradipine in acute ischaemic stroke, ECASS I and II, Project European Multicentre Four-Arm Trial in Acute Stroke (EMFATAS), SITS-MOST and ECASS III.

Dr Toni was awarded the Young Investigator Award in the 3rd European Stroke Conference, Stockholm 1994, the Nomination for the Final Competition of the 'First Sanofi Prize for Stroke Research – Cerebral Embolism’ in the joint 3rd World Stroke Congress and 5th European Stroke Conference, Munich 1996 and the Prize for Excellence in Stroke Research at the 4th European Stroke Conference, Bordeaux, 1995. He is a member of the EUSI Executive Committee.

Dr Toni has authored about 100 publications in peer-reviewed national and international scientific journals such as Stroke, Cerebrovascular Diseases, JAMA, Lancet, Neurology, and the Journal of Neurological Sciences, books and book chapters, particularly on topics related to the emergency setting of acute stroke (stroke subtype differentiation, predictors of clinical evolution, predictors of haemorrhagic transformation).

  • Epidemiology of ICH

  • Intravenous thrombolysis: state of the art